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We are proud to have the opportunity to work with many charitable events and organizations. Please take a moment to visit their websites and support them whenever possible so we can all make a difference.

We have been involved in the cycling and fitness communities for close to 30 years, and know that service, reliability & value are our highest priorities. Not only will We provide all the items described in the equipment section, but we can also provide real-time feeds as well as posting of all times, splits and scoring soon after we leave your event. Have your event look and feel like a million without spending it.

Just Finish is really a very simple concept.  At the many races we have attended, we noticed that the crowds were the biggest and loudest for the first top 10 to 15 finishers.  “IT’S NICE TO WIN BUT IT’S GREAT TO JUST FINISH” is a celebration for those that may be competing for the first time,  lost weight recently and are becoming active, doing it for their family or maybe overcoming medical issues.  The last person to finish has accomplished as much as the person that won.

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