Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi: Which shoe is best for you?


Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi

Are you looking for a new running shoe? If so, you may be wondering if you should buy Hoka Clifton vs Bondi. The Clifton is a lightweight shoe with a cushioned midsole. It’s perfect for long runs or everyday use. On the other hand, the Bondi is made for more strenuous workouts. It has extra padding and support to keep your feet comfortable during your toughest workouts. Which one is right for you? Keep reading to find out!

If you’re a runner, you know that there are many different types of running shoes on the market today. With all the options, it can be hard to decide which pair is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll compare two popular styles of running shoes: Hoka Clifton vs Bondi. These shoes are designed for runners needing extra stability and cushioned shoes. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of each style so that you can decide which one is best for you.

Hoka Running Shoes Review

Hoka One One is a French running shoe company founded in 2009. The company’s name is a Maori term meaning “time to fly,” which is an apt name for a company specializing in running shoes. It is a relatively new brand on the running shoe scene, but Hoka running shoes have quickly made a name for themselves with their innovative design and unique style. Hoka running shoes are a brand that’s quickly becoming popular among runners of all levels, from beginner to elite.

Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi

The company’s shoes are designed to provide the most cushioned shoes and support, making them ideal for long-distance runners or anyone who wants a little extra protection for their feet. The thickness of the sole provides extra cushioning, which can help to active foot frame, absorb impact and protect your feet from injuries. Many runners who have used Hoka shoes say they feel like they are running on clouds because of the extra cushioning.

Extended Heels

Several of Hoka’s shoals are extremely large but a lot more subtle. After testing out some bigger and some more normal things I’ve got no love for those really big boots. But there are reasons for it. Researchers found the extension was helpful in helping the foot move faster in traction tests. It reduces pain associated with heel hitting and increases foot motion and is often called Meta-rocker.


It is common knowledge that shoes must be replaced every 50 km – this is the same. Whatever your favorite place is pretty much the same here. I.e. big runners and big men often have to replace shoes faster because of a breakdown, others find that running on treadmills means their shoes can last 800km.


While I do not recommend a stability shoe for most athletes, Hoka has been designed with a broader platform in the midfoot. This can be used for getting better results without altering your stride and concealing your weak muscle.

Maximal shoes

Stack height is the size of the outer shoe which defines a maximum shoe size of 30 to 50mm. Hoka running shoes says its cushioned surfaces provide excellent shock absorption and a surprisingly stable ride.

The Hoka Recipe

Were they looking for an even more cushioned stability shoe? Mermaid and Diard designed the shoes based on a fundamental principle: a more breathable cushioning using light materials and creating a broad rocking midsole that will keep the force of the movement and provide a smooth riding performance.

The shoes were originally marketed to trails, and now they manufacture road shoes as well as track spikes. While a few firms have completely discarded the EVA foam to the advantage of newer products, Hoka is sticking by its unique EVA formulation. RW ShoeLab data confirmed our EVA-rubber combination was much more elastic for greater durability and support than traditional EVA.

Hoka Clifton Review

The story of Hoka Clifton

Begins in 2012 when the first Clifton was released. The shoe was lightweight and comfortable, with a thick foam sole that provided cushioning and support. The Clifton quickly became a favorite among runners, and in 2015, Hoka released the second version of the shoe. The Clifton 2 featured a revised upper that provided more breathability and comfort and an updated midsole design.

Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi

In 2017, Hoka released the third version of the shoe, the Clifton 3. The shoe retained its predecessor’s overall design but with a few key updates. The most notable update was the outsole, which featured a new tread pattern that provided better traction and durability. The Clifton 3 was also available in a wider range of colors and sizes, making it more accessible to a wider range of runners.

The Clifton 4, released in 2019, was the first major update to the shoe in four years. The shoe featured a new midsole design that provided even more cushioning and support and an updated outsole with a revised tread pattern. The Clifton 4 was also available in a wider range of colors and sizes, making it more accessible to a wider range of runners.

The Clifton 5, released in 2020, is the most recent version of the shoe. The shoe features a new midsole design that provides even more cushioning and support and an updated outsole with a revised tread pattern. The Clifton 5 is also available in a wider range of colors and sizes, making it more accessible to a wider range of runners.

Hoka Clifton shoes are designed for runners who want a lightweight, comfortable shoe with a thick foam sole that provides cushioning and support. The Hoka shoes are available in various colors and sizes, making them accessible to a wide range of runners. Whether you’re looking for your first pair of running shoes or a seasoned runner looking for an update, the Hoka Clifton is a great shoe.

Weight/Heel Drop (women’s)

Clifton 8 -7.2 lb. 5m. You will probably notice fewer muscle changes when you have larger heels. Many people have their own preference for fewer heel drops as this helps their feet to stay more aligned. Originals for Clifton were pink, and Clifton two were pink.

Hoka Clifton 6 & Clifton 7

Heel Collar & Tongue

It has a memory foam material around the heel belt and around all areas that touch the foot’s heel. The Achilles joint has some padding on its surface to prevent any damage. The Clifton 6 had slightly changed. The Clifton 7 has an asymmetrically flared Achilles that’s relatively rigid. Clifton 7 also offers greater structural stability in the heel. My tongue feels a bit more comfortable on it than most of my tongue has in my life. This tongue gives me a luxurious feeling without feeling too thick or bloated.

Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi


Recalling the Clifton 6 toward the end of its life versus the Clifton 7 during the start of its life, I felt this shoe had changed a bit in the character and stiffness of EVA over time. It just feels different than if I had the Cliftonia 6 shoes. The Clifton 6 was my typical day trainer, and the 7 matched the max cushion categories better.

Hoka Bondi Review

The story of Hoka Bondi

Hoka Bondi 1 was released in August 2012. The shoe was successful and popular among runners. In 2013, Hoka One One released the second version of the shoe, which featured a revised design. The updated shoe featured a new outsole material and a more plush midsole. It also had a wider toe box than the original version.

Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi

In 2014, Hoka One One released the third shoe version, which again featured revisions to the design. The shoe now had a more breathable upper and a softer midsole. Additionally, the toe box was made wider to accommodate feet of all sizes.

The fourth version of the shoe, released in 2015, featured a revised outsole design for improved traction. The upper was made from a new mesh material that was more breathable and comfortable.

The fifth version of the shoe, released in 2016, featured an updated outsole design for even better traction. Additionally, the upper was made from an even more breathable mesh material. The toe box was also made wider to accommodate even more foot sizes.

The Bondi 6 was born with an EVA midsole compound that is 30% lighter than our standard EVA foam yet still provides ample cushioning and support. The outsole has been completely redesigned to provide even better durability without adding extra weight. And the upper has been updated with a new, more breathable mesh that helps keep your feet cool and comfortable mile after mile.

Hoka Bondi 7 was released in the year 2017. It is a lightweight neutral running shoe that is built for long-distance running. The shoe has a comfortable and cushioned ride, making it ideal for runners looking to log some serious miles. The Bondi 7 has received rave reviews from runners and is considered one of the best shoes in its class.

The Hoka Bondi is a popular road running shoe known for its cushioning and support. The shoe has a thick sole that helps to absorb impact and protect the feet from harsh surfaces. The Bondi is also designed with a wide toe box, allowing plenty of room to move and breathe. Additionally, the shoe has a supportive upper that helps to keep the foot in place while running. Overall, the Hoka Bondi is a great option for those who are looking for cushioned and supportive road running shoes.

Weight/Heel drop

Bondi 7.80 lbs. and 4 m – making the Clifton a bit lighter and a perfect size to wear during the most comfortable day. Life span is the same as the Clifton, though when your cushions begin breaking they’ll be noticed more quickly on your form.

Hoka Bondi 6 & Bondi 7

2018 is the year of the re-design of Hoka. The Bondi series retains its character but has an even more polished look. The Bondi 7 – Hokas softest road shoe supports this claim by having a 32mm compression-molded EVA at the heel. The stack heights and the EVA foam Hoka used are the most. So your feet are flexed in a smoother motion. You have some very soft and comfortable fabrics to give you a pleasant and comfortable experience. The Bondi 7 also has an engineered mesh upper which is more durable. It has a redesigned heel counter made from memory foam.

Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi

Bondi 6 weighs 10 pounds for men and 8.6 pounds for ladies. The versions for men and women measure 36mm in height and 36mm on the heel. The shoe will drop 4mm from the heel into the foot. This Bondi 7 has an odometer of 10.6 oz. The man version is 33 mm in height at the heel and 26 mm at the foot. The woman’s heel is 31mm and the forefoot 28mm, giving the same 4mm heel drop from a heel-to-foot drop.

You can see that there are not many differences with regard to the weight but Hoka reduced the height of the stack slightly while preserving its 4mm heel drop. Also, with all this EVA comes some degree of penalty.

A Comparison of Hoka Clifton vs Bondi

Principal similarities

There are a few key similarities between the Hoka Clifton vs Bondi. Both shoes have stability features, a lightweight design, plenty of cushioning, a quality rubber outsole and a comfortable fit. Second, feature a wide toe box and a soft, supportive upper. Third, two shoes also have a unique lacing system that helps to keep the foot snugly in place. Additionally, two shoes are great for runners who need a little extra support and stability.

Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi

The Hoka Clifton and Bondi running shoes both have great uppers. The Clifton has a slightly more padded upper, which makes it more comfortable for longer runs. The Bondi, on the other hand, has a more breathable upper, which is great for hot weather runs. Both shoes also have a comfortable fit, so you shouldn’t have any issues with either one.



They feature two different rounded heel styles designed to simplify heel-to-toe transitioning. It was made of rubber, too. Clifton features strategically-placed highly abrasive areas that ensure optimal coverage and reduce the burden of heavy machinery. Bondi outsole has not been highly redeemed, leaving certain areas of the midsole exposed and lacking protective rubber.

Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi

Sometimes, a part of your shoe’s outer sole may fade quickly depending on the foot shape. While the Hoka is making cushioning for the feet, other components of the shoes have stayed fairly simplistic, and the outer lining is nothing special.

Heel-to-Toe Drop

The sneakers are quite large stacking heights but are unusually low heels/toe drop. This is because the shoes tend not to move forward in an upward direction, which can be incredibly difficult. This model features a five mm heel drop on the heel.

The stack height of 29mm on the heel and 24mm on the foot is unusually tall although there is no padding in the drop. This cushioning retains the majority allowing for a softer footing than most other shoes. Bondi 7 drops less by 4mm. The height of the stacks is similar to that of the C lift, but the heights of the girls are 26 cm. Bondi’s cushioned shape isn’t designed to be fast.


These shoes are not designed to be durable. Because of their comfortable cushioning they are less stiff than stability footwear. The Clifton was a little easier to put on the pair with less cushioning and an easier stance. Bondi’s oversized cushions offer no flexibility. Despite their cushioning none have enough stiffness to be considered stable shoes. The extended shelf height is probably the most unstable when moving the footwear. Bondi is heavy because it features padded soles and an expanded outer sole.

Fit for purpose

The Clifton seems to fit in the same shape as the Bondi and the sizing may seem a little wider than typical Hoka shoes. This two-model model features a generous toe box. The Bondi 7 was the first Hoka Running Shoe which came with various lengths. Men can choose three different widths and extrawides, while women can pick three sizes.


The Clifton 8 weighs 8 ounces. Bondi 6 is 2 ounces higher and weighs 10 ounces. Bondi is a Hokas heavy shoe, which is understandable given its cushionability. Runners not looking for speed might not mind it, but it is possible that it will even affect casual runners. Clifton’s cushion is discarded because speed is restricted.


There is quite a difference in price between the Hoka Clifton and Bondi running shoes. The Hoka Clifton will cost you around $140, while the Bondi will set you back about $110. While two shoes are great for runners, the Hoka Clifton is the more expensive option.


The Hoka is famous for its cushioned midfoot and never disappoints. The Clifton has a full-length compression EVA midsole and Hoka signature 29mm stacking height. The early MetaRockers compensate for the forwarding power loss the shoes lack due to a heel-to-to drop.

Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi
Source: www.hoka.com

Clifton is symmetrically cushioned and caters to softer feet. According to its website cushion is aimed at balance, not too smooth or too responsive. It has excellent shock absorbability and is lighter, wider, and more flexible than Bondi’s. Bondi seven is described as Hokas most cushioned shoe ever.

FAQs about Hoka Clifton vs Bondi

Which is better Hoka Clifton or Bondi for walking?

Smooth ride, but the soft foam in its midsole is stronger, making the Bondis 7 better suited for longer runs. The lighter weight makes the Clifton 9 more comfortable and offers better cushioning over extended running.

What is the difference between Clifton and Bondi?

Also, the main difference between Hoka Clifton8 and Bondi 7 has the cushion. Although the shoes were originally Hoka’s neutral and cushioned versions, the Bondi 7 is a maximal runner with plush padding.

Which Hoka shoe has the most cushioning?

The Bondi is Hokas’s softest Road Shoes. Using EVA midsole foam, it supports an upright beefy midsole.

Which Hoka is the comfiest?

HOKA ONE Bondi 8 Running Shoes is not just an extremely cushioned running shoe among its formidable lineup. HOKA designed Bondi 8 with softness as the most important factor to ensure maximum comfort.

What Hoka is similar to Clifton?

Clifton and Arahi share identical oversized Hoka midsole. Statistics. It is a little lighter on its own than Arahi. (… Both have similar heights for women. Clifton Seven weighs less than the Arachi. (… They all have similar sizes for males and women.

What is Hoka Clifton best for?

Shoes feel soft, light, and solid for many miles, which is good for recovery or long runs. The Clifton 8 is the best Hoka running shoes for those who need an introduction to run or are experienced runners.

What is the difference between Hoka styles?

It is a highly plush feeling. Bondi makes great running, and if your running starts, your running joints need to be adjusted for more comfort and stability. Clifton offers reasonable running distances and is easy to do. Bondi X’s incredibly good shoes are ideal for racing!

Are the Bondi 7 good for running?

Bondi 7 is incredibly comfortable as the EVA foam runs from the midfoot to the heel allowing for no loss of cushioning. It’s a highly cushioned shoe.

What’s the difference between Clifton 7 and Bondi 7?

Clifton had an amazing success and positioned Hoka as a major player in the market. The Clifton remains our favourite everyday training. Bondi is Hoka’s softest trainer that has maximum comfort.

What’s the difference between Hoka Bondi 6 vs Clifton 6?

The Hoka Bondi 6 has more cushioning and is better for long-distance running, while the Clifton 6 is lighter and has a more responsive feel. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and which shoe you prefer.

Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi


Hoka Clifton vs Bondi: two shoes designed to provide cushioning and comfort for the runner. So which one is the best Hoka running shoes? If you’re looking for a versatile shoe that can be used for everything from long runs to short-speed workouts, we would recommend the Clifton. However, the Bondi is probably your best bet if you’re specifically looking for a marathon racing flat. Ultimately, it comes down to your running style, personal preference, and type of runner. We hope this article has helped make your decision easier!

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